The Hope & Justice Foundation’s Mission, under the terms and obedience to the Laws and Constitution of the United States of America, it is to develop and implement preventive actions to combat human trafficking and child sexual abuse and exploitation that sadly plagues the whole society.

Principles, Foundations and Values:

The Hope & Justice Foundation was started on September 7, 2019, through a movement driven by the Founder and current President, motivated by an altruistic conscience and an inherent social responsibility. In 2014, together with a member of her family, she went through a serious situation of abuse, violence, where after suffering an attempted murder she almost had her loved one trafficked. Years after feeling prepared, she began her preparation to develop lectures, training, and practical guidance on preventing and combating human trafficking and child sexual abuse and exploitation and offering them free of charge to the community. Currently, she dedicates herself to educational projects such as training, classes, book production, writing articles for several newspapers and magazines, always bringing awareness, alertness, preparation, prevention against these heinous crimes. She dedicates her life to spread awareness so she can help prevent new victims of human trafficking. She is currently leading important projects aimed at raising awareness and supporting victims of human trafficking, child sexual abuse and exploitation, and domestic violence. A motivated person with a worthy purpose. With positive energy, determination, and faith in God, we will surely achieve our goals. The Principles, Foundations, and Values that govern and sustain the Hope & Justice Foundation are the Christian Principles and the Constitutional and Legal Principles of this great Nation. In addition to a system of rules and conduct that are based on the Principles of Ethical, Moral Responsibility, and Good Customs of our society.