Projects & Programs

Hope & justice Foundation projects and actions
Human Trafficking no more.

Learn about projects to prevent and combat human trafficking and the sexual abuse and exploitation of children.


  • Information and Education: Social Networks Campaigns, website, Lectures, Courses, Face-to-face and virtual training.
  • Advertising Campaigns
  • TV shows, Radio
  • Articles in newspapers and magazines
  • Publication of books, magazines, booklets.

Ostensive Action

  • Actions of ostensible confrontation with the police, judicial and legal authorities.
  • Agreements and partnerships with public and private agencies aimed at combating human trafficking.
  • Actions of complaints, investigations, and arrests supporting the competent authorities.

Assistance to Victims

  • First aid.
  • Medical, psychiatric and psychological assistance and treatment.
  • Restorative therapies.
  • Family and social reintegration.
  • Professional training.
  • Insertion in the job market.


  • EDUPREV – Education for Prevention. Training, Courses, and Lectures Educational.
  • SPORTPREV – Virtual Race Event for awareness and prevention of Human Trafficking and encouragement to sports activities, Self Defense Seminar for Women.
  • GAMVV – Support Group for Women Victims of Violence. Periodic meetings for educational and therapeutic activities with group dynamics for women victims of violence.
  • Hope & Justice TAKE CARE – Assistance and Referrals of Victims to the professional care of the Hope & Justice Support Network.
  • FCIC – Florida Charity Institutions Committee – Committee formed by local non-profit institutions for debate, reports, strategy development, and presentation of solutions to prevent and combat human trafficking and child sexual abuse and exploitation in the local community.
  • Ararat Safe Harbor – Elaboration of the Project for the implantation of the House of Protection and Support to Women and Children victims of violence.