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Anna Alves-Lazaro, Brazilian lawyer who has settled in the United States for almost 7 years, a naturalized American. She started her professional career 20 years ago as a Social Communicator, specalized in Public Relations, exercising her professional activity by providing advice and consultancy in several companies and class statistics.She was a Lawyer specialized in World War II Veterans and Family Law for more than 10 years, founded by Moreira Alves Advogados Associados, a law firm with extensive experience in the fields of Veterans Rights , Military, Criminal, Civil, Family, Labor and Social Security Law. Work in political advisory parties that advocate in the area of ​​Electoral Law. As an Assistant Criminal Lawyer, she participated in cases in the Court of Justice and acted in the Criminal Court of Violence against Women in her hometown, Recife. One of the most important characteristics of her personality is her concern to help people, through social actions aimed at communities of people, people in situations of great vulnerability and risk, in addition to having participated in social actions campaigns, founded the CADESIC of Brasil, Council for Support to Social Development and Citizenship Rights and Duties. As the name says, CADESIC is a non-profit organization, promoting volunteering for the

Activity of Support to Social Development and the effective exercise of Citizenship. Due to health problems, Dr. Anna decided to move to Orlando, where her mother once lived, and after this decision her daughter and son-in-law, who are both lawyers took over the office and non-profit organization giving continuation to success that was started by Dr. Anna Alves-Lazaro. Spending some years settling in your new city, Orlando, with her health much better Dr. Anna decided to resume her legal career and the social work activities that she developed over 30 years of before. Currently, while preparing to start Law School . She does volunteer work in nonprofit organizations, for example, Orlando’s First Pregnancy Center First Baptist Center, she also volunteers at Operation Underground Railroad and Veterans For Child Rescue and Florida Abolitionist. As a Human Rights Activist, she embraced the cause of Fighting Against Human Trafficking and Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation, created the Hope & Justice group, and then the Hope & Justice Foundation, whose main objective is to promote education, information and training, to raise community awareness of the problem of human trafficking and preventing and combating the problem. Through her social networks, lectures, courses, free training, and articles in newspapers and magazines, Anna Alves-Lazaro brings this awakening and knowledge of this social problem that affects and terrifies people, thus using this, to fight one of the most serious crimes against Human Rights.

HUMAN TRAFFICKING: What is it? Why? How? And where?