Everyday Violence Against Women grows rampantly it can be domestic, harassment in a working environment, in public transport, on the street, at parties, in colleges, in churches. It does not matter the place a woman can be a victim of violence or abuse. There are about 9,817 women who call the emergency hotlines annually.
Now I want you to think: What about all the others who couldn’t call the local authorities for help or just didn’t call?
It is such a large and cruel number.
Knowing about this sad reality, the Hope & Justice Foundation has joined forces in extraordinary partnerships and provides Free Feminine Self-Defense Training.
Self-Defense can reduce the cases of femicide or any form of aggression and abuse that many women are victims of, and it can transform victims into strong and well-prepared women.

self-defense can save your life

Sport is Life

We know that sport is a form of prolonging the life quality, health, and well-being of a person. Knowing this, the Hope & Justice Foundation once again joined forces in promoting the H&J Foundation’s Beneficent Online Marathon.
Your participation will help further this program and bring help to those who need it so much.
And it does not end there, by participating in the Online Marathon you will receive at your home an exclusive trophy from the Hope & Justice Foundation.