Volunteers & Supporters

Message to our Dear Volunteers

Altruism is human conduct that consists in giving uninteresting attention to others, even when this diligence is against the good itself. Altruism is the opposite of selfishness. The altruist, therefore, tries to seek the good of others, without caring about himself. This subject makes some personal sacrifices to provide a benefit to others. Empathy and ethics consist of two of the fundamentals of altruism, because it is important for one person to put himself in the other’s place, understanding what he is going through and acting accordingly. Within this definition and considerations about altruism, I want to emphasize the importance of recognizing and honoring people’s altruistic attitudes and especially promoting this altruistic behavior in society through our own actions. Directed by this perspective, I would like to publicly express my most genuine thanks to all those who are experiencing the practice of altruism are engaged in this work of awareness and education to prevent and combat human trafficking and child sexual abuse and exploitation. To all people who voluntarily come in some way by offering material, financial and emotional support in a genuinely altruistic way. Thank you very much to all our dear volunteers. May God powerfully bless your precious life!
Anna Alves-Lazaro.President / Founder