“The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”
Edmund Burke

Anna Alves-Lazaro, CEO and founder

Anna Alves-Lazaro, is a brazilian lawyer, naturalized american citizen, social communicator, public relations, president and founder of the Hope & Justice Foundation, speaker, writer and activist against human trafficking.

“Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly; it is dearness only that gives everything its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed, if so celestial an article as freedom were not highly rated.” (It’s good to take a look at the source of this quote. You identify as Henry Knox, but some sources identify as Thomas Paine)

História da Hope & Justice Foundation


Preventing and fighting against human trafficking, domestic violence and child abuse and exploitation. 



Becoming an international reference on preve Preventing and fighting against human trafficking, domestic violence and child abuse and exploitation.
To develop and implement anti-human trafficking public policies for prevention, through plans and programs to spread awareness on the matter and to mobilize society to act. Supporting victims through multidisciplinary teams, helping them rebuild their lives.


1 – Prevention
Education and awareness programs for society and engaging of survivors in the cause

2 – Protection
Support and assistance to victims, capacitating programs for victims and assistance to survivors

3 – Research and policies
Study and research to develop public policies against human trafficking, domestic violence and child exploitation and the treatment of survivors traumas.

4 – Ostensive actions
Working to repress human trafficking, child exploitation and domestic violence and supporting institutions on the first and third sectors.


– Christian

– Constitutional and legal


– Moral responsability and values of our society


– God

– Family

– Life

– Loving your fellow human

– Justice

– Hope

– Freedom (ou Liberty, o que acharem melhor)

– Equity

– Morality

– Dignity

– Safety



Hope & Justice Foundation
Hope & Justice Foundation main goal is to prevent and fight against human trafficking, domestic violence and and sexual exploitation of children through awareness and education. We believe that education, information and training are very efficient and useful tools that can help reduce drastically the horrid numbers of human trafficking, child exploitation and domestic violence. The lack of tactics to reduce the impact of human trafficking, child abuse and domestic violence tend to make the numbers of these hideous crimes sky rocket each year. Our main goal is to spread the knowledge about these prevention methods.

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